Friday, July 9, 2010

Please Visit Us!

As the economy grew worse, so did small scrapbook stores' chances of making ends meet. There are a few scrapbook stores left, but hardly any in comparison to what it was five years ago. As the stores began to close, our embellishments and whatnot had no place to sell other than the Internet. My mom and I were not very good at e-marketing, not to mention LIFE happened, and now we are just about ready to give up the Scrap Anatomy website.

While we still scrapbook, lately our attention has been focused on new crafty endeavors such as painting! We are having soooooo much fun getting back into our paints and paintbrushes! We will not be updating the Scrap Anatomy blogspot, so please visit us at our art blogs!

I can't say exactly what the future holds, but I think we might start selling our work on Etsy. We'll keep you updated though! Thanks for checking in on us :)

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